About 35 people participated in the Vyapar Kendra Cleanliness drive. The drive was supported by the MCG Sanitation team who were instrumental in picking the C & D waste and sweeping roads during the event. Several RWA active citizens, volunteers, Vyapar Kendra shop vendors, and their housekeeping staff actively contributed towards the cleanliness drive.

Outcome: 55 kgs of dry waste were collected, It was a great learning experience for the team. The drive sent out a positive message of waste segregation and recycling of non-biodegradable waste. At the end of the drive, it was found that most of the waste that was littered consisted of Tobacco wrappers, cigarette butts, disposable cups and plates, broken liquor bottles, and single-use (MLP) chips packets. Most of the waste was soiled, so it was difficult to segregate during collection.